Before the visitors start the Guide Tour, they shall acquaint themselves with the safety rules and regulations.

1. Guide Tours are held only with assistance of the Guide.

2. Entrance fees for viewing artifacts of the historical and cultural object shall be paid previously.

3. The visitors must show the tickets to the staff at the entrance and keep them during the tour, and after finishing the Tour, show them at request.

4. Visits to the Museum by children under age 15 are recommended only with the presence of adults, who are responsible for children.

5. The visitors must follow instruction of the staff. In case of violation the instructions and orders, intended to provide the safety of visitors and protect the artifacts and showpieces, the violator shall immediately leave the Museum. Ticket fees are non-refundable.

6. Entrance to the Museum is restricted for visitors under the strong influence of alcohol and any kinds of drugs.

7. In case of putting the art and historical artifacts of the Museum at risk of loss or damage during the Tour, all visitors, staying on the territory of the historical and archeological artifacts, shall be subjected to examination (including the personal search, performing by the staff of the Museum and/or the police officials).

8. It is prohibited to expose the historical and archeological artifacts, showpieces, plants or other properties to danger or damage.


  • To leave the Tour, move away from the Guide and Group during the Tour, make noise during the speech of the Guide or bother somebody with the noise (using mobile phones and transistor radios and etc.) Non-abidance of the rules must be a reason of forced ending of the Tour by the visitor without any refund of the ticket fees.
  • To pollute the area, cull the flowers, collect fruits, destroy branches of the trees and bushes, walk on grassplots, annoy animals and birds, camping on the territory of park or Museum, stick posters or breach the silence another way.
  • To entry or hop the fenced perimeters, leave children alone, especially infants, and permit them inspecting the artifacts separately;
  • To move by cars and bicycles on the territory of the historical and archeological artifacts (exception wheelchairs and baby buggies) as well as park a car at undesignated places. Bicycles shall be left only at designated areas.
  • Taking pictures, making movies or gathering any other kind of documentation in the interior of the historical artifacts and other designated places is strictly prohibited. The appropriate permissions for taking specific actions with the scientific, documentation and advertising purposes are issued by the administrator of the historical and cultural object based on the written request.

For violation of the present “Visitor Rules and Regulations” and incurred damages, the visitor shall be responsible before the administrator of the historical and cultural object.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to visitors for abidance by the «Visitors Rules and Regulations»!

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