The general goal of creation the museum is saving the archeological monuments of the history and culture without any changes as well as to reconstruct the parts of the monuments based on scientific information, considering all interior scenes, historical areas and related territories; to create real monuments based on the real museum collections of highly artistic scientific shows.

The following objectives are given for implementation of the tasks:

1) discovering, recording, security, studying, conservation and applying the monuments of history and culture on the territory of the Enterprise;

2) recording, keeping, reconstruction and safety provision of the museum valuables and historical and cultural artifacts on the territory and in reserves of the museum;

3) scientific researches for keeping and using of historical and cultural heritage;

4) instructional researches and popularization of science for keeping and using of historical and cultural heritage;

5) popularization of real monuments and museum collection through the Mass Media; preparation of scientifically informative and advertising editions;

6) participation in development and implementation of programs and projects with regards to save and apply the historical and cultural heritage;

7) provision of legal security of monuments, protective zones, regulation of building zones and nature protective zones;

8) environmental education for transfer of knowledge on history and culture of our region;

9) research and fund activity, development of scientific concepts of the main directions of the museum activity;

10) participation in development and implementation of scientific and cultural programs, performing by local and international companies;

11) participation in preparation and conduction of scientific and instructional conferences, workshops related with the history and culture;

12) arrangement and conduction of historically archeological expeditions, academic missions with the purpose of gathering articles, having museum importance;

13) development of thematic and exposition plans, designing and creation of museum expositions and exhibitions;

14) conduction of Guide Tours, lectures, themed nights and miscellaneous events with different categories of visitors.

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