«Zhasyl Alan-2014»

Annual eco-and-ethno tourism meeting of youth and student teams of the East Kazakhstan region «Zhasyl Alan 2014» was held during 25-27 of June on the territory of «Berel» museum. The Katon-Karagay State National Park in cooperation with the historical and cultural museum «Berel» were the sponsors of the meeting.

8 teams from the East Kazakhstan region have attended in the meeting. The specific feature of the meeting was the attendance of disabled children from #1 special boarding school for partially sighted children of Zyryanovsk city.

Ecological tourism meeting had the aim to promote healthy mode of life among young students; learn how to behave in the environment, how to make first aid to victims in the open air conditions, train tourism skills, form interest and respect for our culture and other cultures; exchange national traditions, respect the environment.


«Nomad» – in Katon-Karagay!

The television project, being the first international project in the Republic of Kazakhstan made the film «Nomad» or «Nomad tribes» on the territory of Katon-Karagay National Park and Historical and Cultural museum «Berel» during 1-10 of August.

For participation in the reality show it was decided to invite by two people from the following 7 countries: South Korea, Japan, Mongolia, China, Turkey, Hungary and Altay region of the Russian Federation, a total of 16 people (including two representatives from the Republic of Kazakhstan). During the week, the participants took the role of the nomads. At the end of the reality show, the representatives from Hungary became the best participants of the project.

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